Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Two friends sit down in a coffee shop for some relational exercises: a chat. This, more of a mentor relationship, with one having more life experience, more wisdom, more of everything than the other. The mentored chimes right in as soon as their bottoms hit their seats:

"I've been wondering about this project I'm working on; can you help me find a way to get around this hurdle that has just popped up? Also, my mother is sick and I don't know what to do; can you help me with some solutions for how to cope? Oh, and do you know of any natural cures that I could possibly tell her about? Also, the political situation has been bothering me; can you shed some light on what you think is the best way to handle what's going on as a voter? To be honest, I've been feeling a little overwhelmed lately with everything that's going on, and I'd like you to take over some of the issues that I'm facing so it's a little easier on me. I know you have lots of money, so I'm wondering if you wouldn't mind parting with some of it as I can't really afford new shoes for work, and my current shoes are on the fritz. I'd also like a car that is a little less prey to break-downs than mine; if there's anything you can do to help me out with that, that'd be great. Thanks in advance for everything, but seeing as I got my coffee in a to-go cup, I'm gonna jet. Take care!"

Why don't we question how we pray?

"I never knew you"