Thursday, September 27, 2007

Saturday, September 22, 2007

When you need a boost...

This 11-minute video by Rob Bell will be sure to minister to you. Visit, and click the link to the video to "Rain 001", its location shown below. It's beautiful (maybe get the hankie ready too...)

Great find Chris!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Great Answers!

Last month, I asked y'all for your thoughts on Matthew 25 : 37-45, and I got some GREAT feedback. I love that we're all free to think and percieve things differently. The original post is this: Help! Anyway, I just wanted to make sure this particular response didn't go un-read - it's brilliant! John writes:

First, as a parent it is easy to understand that a child of yours-especially one that is in some way lesser than others-is truly an extension of your own self (just ask Jen). That being the case, the thought that "what you do unto them you do unto me" makes clear sense. We are all God's kids. The very DNA in each of us IS the image of God. He invented blood, hearts, souls, humanity. We are the extension of God.

Secondly, I think it's important to remember that 'doing' isn't always the point. If you love someone the things you do toward them will naturally (though not always) be out of love. You don't do them 'so that' they see you love them, but you do them 'because' you love them. They may never never notice what you've done, but that was not why you did it anyway. Jesus didn't die 'so that' we'd see that He loved us. He died simply because He loved us. Some people get it, some people never will. I guess my point is-don't strive to 'do' so much, but rather strive to love. I know it sounds cliche, especially in Christian circles but, try looking at people-all people-the way Jesus would. After all, the least of these that are spoken of and that are all around us are our brothers and sisters. We have God's homemade blood in our veins.